The Inter County Golf League

Hadley Wood defeat Sandy Lodge in Scratch League ChallengeThu 11th Apr 19
Scratch League Challenge 2019
Scratch League Challenge 2019. Click to view full size.Hadley Wood defeated Sandy Lodge 5-1 in the annual Scratch League Challenge played at Letchworth GC on 7th April. Hadley Wood Captain Chris Dixon is pictured with the trophy. The match is played between the winners of the Inter Counties Scratch League and the Hertfordshire Scratch League with each League alternating the hosting of the event.

After all the recent rainfall, conditions underfoot were challenging, to say the least. Nevertheless, the match was played in a competitive, sporting manner. With Letchworth emerging from their 2017 Herts Scratch League season with a 100% record, they quickly established a lead over Stoke Park by 5-1 at halfway. Stoke fought back on the back nine to rescue another point, leaving the final score 4-2 to Letchworth, the first time a Herts League team has won this trophy.

After the match, the trophy was presented to the winning captain, Charles McKay, by the Captain of Sudbury Golf Club, Mr Tejinder Soor.
Individual results (Stoke Park names first):
M Hunt & S Boyd lost to N Johnston & O Banks 5&4
M Catton & C Krieger lost to C McKay & J MacGregor 1up
K Freeman defeated D Banbury 6&5
L Rusher defeated B Harman 2&1
C Banner lost to J Smith 3&2
T Lawson lost to L Owen 4&2