The Inter County Scratch Golf League

AGM Minutes 2018Sun 2nd Dec 18

Minutes of AGM held at The Buckinghamshire GC
Thursday 29th November 2018
Present: Craig Buttivant (Chairman), Gordon Jones (Hon. Sec), Spencer Dawkins (Burnham Beeches), Michael Brandon (Burnham Beeches), Bruce Stroud (Maidenhead), Darnell Scadding (Maidenhead), Tom Evans (Beaconsfield), Gareth Davies (Beaconsfield), Robert Slade-Baker (Mill Ride),) Geoff Roberts (South Herts), Mike Cresswell (Berkhamsted), Dave Williams (Caversham Heath), Steve Wincott (Gerrards Cross), Nick Lines (Northwood), Tony Lee (Northwood), Robbie Johnson (Northwood), Keith Cunnington (Sandy Lodge), Dan Jeffries (Sudbury), Nick Avery (Sudbury), Guy Stacey (Sudbury), Ricky Willison (Ealing), Peter Winterburn (The Buckinghamshire) + several others who did not sign-in!
1. Apologies for Absence
James Harper (Castle Royle)

2. Acceptance of Minutes of 2017 AGM and Matters Arising
The minutes were accepted unanimously.
There were no matters arising which are not covered elsewhere in the agenda.

3. Election of Divisional Representatives.
Divisional Representatives were elected as follows:
Div 1 James Harper (Castle Royle) and Mike Cresswell (Berkhamsted)
Div 2 Mark Stanton (Ealing)
Div 3 Guy Stacey (Sudbury)

4. League Report 2018
This has been a very mixed season for the League, with several matches being postponed, defaulted or played with team shortages. This has led to matches spilling over into November, which is not desirable for all sorts of reasons. All clubs are asked to play matches on the appointed day, with full teams. There are specific criteria in our Rules relating to postponements which are not being adhered to in some cases. It is also requested that as few matches as possible to be scheduled for October. This has led to some fixture congestion this season spilling over into November, with matches needing to be re-arranged due to weather postponements.
Our first Winter Pairs Knock-out was concluded at Woburn in early-April with Castle Royle getting the edge over Ealing. Congratulations to both teams and everyone else who took part. The 2018/19 event is underway with 16 teams taking part.
Commiserations to Stoke Park who were defeated by a very good Letchworth side in the Scratch League Challenge Cup, hosted by Sudbury - thanks to them.
Congratulations, also, to all of the Divisional winners and runners-up.
Sadly, Woburn, Stoke Park and Temple have decided to withdraw from the League. With the former two clubs being past winners of Div 1, they will all be missed.
Ashford Manor have had severe difficulties this year with the condition of their course. They withdrew mid-season with their 2018 results being nullified. They have asked to take the 2019 season off, returning in 2020.
These withdrawals have required a re-jig of the Divisions which is an item later on the agenda.
Financially, the League is in good shape as you will see later. Subscription fees for the 2019 season will remain at £100 - where they have been since 2009 when the League was started. Subscription Invoices will be sent out next week, payable by 31st January 2019.

5. Financial Statement
The Hon Sec distributed a draft financial statement to the meeting which showed that we made a loss of just over £500 this season. Most of this was down to a one-off cost of purchasing a trophy for the Winter Pairs event. With the reduction in the number of clubs in the league, our income for 2019 will be reduced, but - with our bank reserves at around £2800 - we are able to maintain the 2019 subscription at £100 per club. However, as most of our costs are fixed, regardless of the number of clubs in the league, it will probably be necessary to raise subscriptions for 2020 to compensate.
Invoices for 2019 will be going out soon, payable by 31st Jan 2019.

6. Presentation of Trophies and Vouchers
The Chairman presented awards as follows:
Div 1: Sandy Lodge and Stoke Park
Div 2: Mill Ride and South Herts
Div 3: Beaconsfield and Ealing
Div 4: Sudbury and Gerrards Cross

7. Winter Pairs Knock-out 2018/19
With 16 clubs taking part, this is progressing very well. Round 2 is underway and due to complete at end-December, or earlier. A new draw will be done for each round. If a tie is drawn the Away team will go through, as currently.
Keith Cunnington kindly offered Sandy Lodge as a possible venue for the final, probably in early-April.

8. Application of Mapledurham to Join League
This was approved without any objections.

9. Results of Survey into Match Formats 2018
This survey was conducted using Survey Monkey and sent to one person in each of our 22 clubs, asking for a single reply from that club. 14 clubs responded. Unfortunately, a number of clubs submitted multiple responses which clouded the issues somewhat. With those multiple responses, a consensus has been derived, where possible.
Here is an outline analysis of responses. (Q1 was name of club responding)
Q2: How many players per team?
6 per team: 3 in favour
7 per team: 6 in favour
8 per team: 4 in favour
Q3: Are you happy playing singles matchplay?
11 happy with singles matchplay
2 not happy with singles matchplay
Q4: Would you prefer Scratch Betterball format?
6 prefer betterball
6 do not prefer betterball
Q5: If playing singles, would you prefer this to be played as fourballs?
3 prefer fourball.
6 against fourball

As you can see from these results, opinions are far from unanimous! Ironically, several clubs who have previously advocated moving to betterball format, did not bother to respond to the survey!

10. Match Format 2019

After some considerable discussion and votes, it was agreed for the match format to remain as singles scratch matchplay. However, to ease the tee time scheduling of many clubs, it was agreed that team would be increased to 8 per team, enabling singles matches to be played as fourballs, at the discretion of the home club. The League Rules will be updated to reflect this.
(Subsequent to the AGM and consultation with all clubs, the match format for 2019 has reverted to 7-man teams, without any pro involvement. )

11. Divisional Split 2019
With the withdrawal of three clubs and a fourth taking a 'sabbatical', some re-jigging of the divisions has had to be done (5/5/5/4). This was agreed.

12. Any Other Business
Ricky Willison (Ealing) suggested that as the League was aimed at elite golfers, a club pro or assistant could be allowed to play. After some debate, it was agreed that a single pro golfer employed by or retained by a club would be allowed to play in the #1 position in the team. Other pros who are members of or affiliated to a club would not be allowed to play. Again, the League Rules will be updated to reflect this change. (Subsequent to the AGM, this was rescinded, following consultation with all clubs)
The Chairman and Hon Sec thanked Steve Wills and The Buckinghamshire for once again hosting the AGM.
The meeting closed at approximately 8.20pm
GJ (1/12/2018)